D&Wp Safe Sex & Drugs Bundle

Includes an Upgraded V5.1 Drug Box, V2.0 Safer Sex Box and access to the new online D&Wp Drug Awareness Resource Centre all for £999. That's a total saving of £356!

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The D&Wp Safe Sex & Drug Bundle


SPECIAL OFFER! A total saving of £356! Plus purchase an Upgraded Drug Box and receive access to our new online D&Wp Drug Awareness Resource Centre FREE!


We think you will agree with our thousands of other users that for impact, realism and effect, the D&Wp Drug Box and D&Wp Safer Sex Box are 'must-have' resources. Each item is contained within it's own improved, removable crystal case bearing updated and comprehensive details on appearance, methods of use, effects, risks and what to look out for. These D&Wp products have set a standard for awareness training and are in use by thousands of organisations worldwide, including police, health authorities, youth organisations and private companies.


Everything you need to conduct a fully comprehensive training session, this bundle includes;


  • Upgraded Safer Sex Box Version 2.0
  • Upgraded Drug Box Version 5.1


 D&Wp Drug Box Version 5.1


All 24 drugs (harmless replicas) in this latest Version 5.1 have been reviewed and improved, taking into account recent changes in UK government guidelines, drug culture and valuable feedback from our customers. It also comes supplied with an all new durable and lightweight carry case.

Tray One

01. Cocaine & Crack Cocaine  -  02. Opium  -  03. Heroin
04. Methadone  -  05. L.S.D.  -  06. Magic Mushrooms  -  07. Ecstasy
Upgrade  -  08. Crystal Methamphetamine


Tray Two

09. Cannabis  -  10. Amphetamine  -  11. Synthetic Cannabis
12. Synthetic Cathinones  -  13. Barbiturates  -  14. Methylphenidate
15. Ketamine  /  Upgrade  -  16. O.T.C. Medicines


Tray Three

17. Benzodiaphines  -  18. BZP's & GHB  -  19. Anabolic Steroids
20. Khat  -  21. Alkyl Nitrites  -  22. Solvents  -  23. Alcohol & Tobacco
Upgrade  -  24. Caffeine


D&Wp Safer Sex Box - Version 2.0

The D&Wp V2 Safer Sex Box has been designed to suite everyone working in Safer Sex Education, be it in organizations working with or for the councils, schools, health clinics, advice centres, youth organizations and many more.

16 different methods of contraception and 8 Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) divided into three colour-coded trays; contained in a clinical white, durable and lockable flight case. Displayed in a fascinating 3D-manner, an interesting and effective training session is guaranteed.

Using the D&Wp V2 Safer Sex Box enables the trainer to overcome the difficulty of using those substances which carry or have a bio-hazard such as blood and medicines, and prescription devices which are often extremely expensive and can be hard to obtain.

This new concept which will be the highlight of any training session!

Each method of contraception or STI is contained within its own crystal case bearing details on how used, advantages and disadvantages (contraception) or how caught, symptoms and treatment (STIs).


Tray One

01. Male Condom - 02. Female Condom - 03. Ring/Cap - 04. Hormone Patch

05. Sponge - 06. Withdrawal - 07. Oral Dam

Upgrade - 08. Toxic Shock

Tray Two

09. The Pill - 10. Injection/Implant - 11. IUD/IUS - 12. Male Sterilisation

13. Female Sterilisation - 14. Rhythm Method - 15. Finger Cots/Gloves

Upgrade - 16. Erectile Dysfunction

Tray Three

A. Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea - B. Herpes - C. Genital Warts - D. Hepatitis B

E. Syphillis - F. HIV/AIDS - G. Thrush/Trichomonias

Upgrade - H. Pubic Lice/Scabies


FREE Downloadable User Guides available from the 'Support' section of our www.dandwp.com website.


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